Olegature for Beechler Metal Alto

Olegature for Beechler Metal Alto

Model : 適合Beechler Metal Alto 金屬吹咀
大師級色士風手Eric Marienthal 所用配搭

- 創新金屬網型
- 美專利設計

- 擴大竹片震盪及自然音色
- 提高吹咀共鳴

Unlike other ligatures, Olegature's patented chain mesh design maximizes the reed’s natural harmonic modes and brings dampening to the minimum physically possible. This results in vast improvements to the timbre, response, intonation, and power. Musicians and listeners often describe the sound as having a fuller "presence", or the way hearing live music sounds more "alive" than a radio recording.

The Olegature's sensitivity to screw tightness allows the musician to create a deeper, darker sound, the brightest, sharpest sound, and everything in between. This makes the Olegature an excellent choice for musicians who perform both as soloists and in group settings.

Available for all sizes of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces, the Olegature is traditionally made with a brilliant, shiny gold finish. Olegatures with silver, antique copper, or black nickel finishes are available for custom orders. Each comes in a beautiful case with an anti-slip ligature grip and a helpful instruction manual.